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  • Business Law: How to... Spend All Your Money on Attorneys
    So, you and your business partners want to help ensure that all of the time, energy, and money you have invested into creating a successful venture will lead to a fight among yourselves and tens (or hundreds) of thousands of dollars in litigation expenses? ...
    Posted By Samuel R.W. Price
  • Securities Law: Do You Actually Tweet That?
    “Was this text legit?” was the reaction by Tesla’s head of investor relations to the August 7, 2018 tweet made by Tesla Chairman Elon Musk stating that Mr. Must was considering taking Tesla private. Since that time, there has been a great deal of reporting ...
    Posted By Claudia J. McDowell
  • Corporate Law: "FTB/SOS SUSPENDED" - What Does That Mean?
    Mr. I. N. Corporate and Ms. Elle L. Cee decide to form a business entity in the State of California and their operations are going smoothly. Suddenly, they hit a snag when they receive a notice that their business entity (e.g., corporation or limited ...
    Posted By Andrew M. Sevanian
  • BUSINESS LAW: Understanding the Difference between "Non-Owned" and "Regular Use" Provisions in Auto Policies
    We are frequently asked by our business clients to advise as to insurance coverage issues that arise when employees use company vehicles for both business and personal purposes. Recently, the California Court of Appeal drew a line in the sand on this issue ...
    Posted By Michael S. Little
  • BUSINESS LAW: Entity of Choice - LLC or Corporation?
    One of the most important initial decisions to be made regarding a business enterprise is the choice of its form of legal entity. While a business can certainly be conducted as a sole proprietorship or in a general or limited partnership, for reasons of ...
    Posted By Chris S. Jacobsen
  • BUSINESS LAW: Avoiding Personal Liability for Business Debts
    One compelling reason that influences business owners to either incorporate or form a limited liability company under which to conduct their business operations is the desire to limit personal liability for the debts and other obligations of their ...
    Posted By Claudia J. McDowell