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  • More Employer Considerations: An Update on Recent California Legislation
    In the recent General Election, California's voters were faced with numerous ballot measures ranging from the use of plastic bags, to determining the extent to which a corporation should be allowed to provide political contributions. While the most-recent ...
    Posted By Santa Clarita Attorney
  • Elections Do Have Consequences
    When you went to bed, or woke up, on November 9, you learned the shock that Donald Trump was our new President Elect and that the Republican Party had retained the majorities in both the House of Representatives and United States Senate. Most people ...
    Posted By Santa Clarita Attorney
  • LITIGATION: A Reasonable Way to Prove Loss of Future Earnings
    This past September a California Appellate Court affirmed a trial court's rejection of a $730,000.00 award for future earnings losses to an aspiring lawyer in a lawsuit against Cedars-Sinai Hospital because Plaintiff Dionna Licudine failed to prove her ...
    Posted By Los Angeles Attorney
  • TOXIC TORTS: EPA Seeks To Expand Nanoscale Reporting
    The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently submitted a final rule to the White House Office of Management & Budget that may impact chemical manufacturers nationwide, including those doing business here in California. Specifically, the ...
    Posted By Los Angeles Attorney
  • TRANSPORTATION LAW: Transporting in California - An Employment Law Overview
    Recent history has made it abundantly clear that California is determined to be on the forefront of employee rights in the nation. In 2016 alone, California enacted no less than twenty (20) laws impacting employer obligations to employees and applicants. ...
    Posted By Santa Clarita Attorney