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  • Navigating the Unfunded Trust Trap
    By now we all know that in California, proper estate planning is essential to ensure that your property passes to your heirs as painlessly and effortlessly as possible. The majority of estate planning today involves establishing a revocable trust and ...
    Posted By Santa Clarita
  • Pre-Litigation Investigations of Discrimination and Your Company's Attorney
    Unfortunately, often the first time an employer is aware of an allegation of discrimination and/or harassment in the workplace is after an employee has already filed suit and a Complaint is served on the Company. At that point, the Company has little ...
    Posted By Santa Clarita Attorney
  • Webb v. Special Electric Co., Inc.: California Gets "Sophisticated" with Affirmative Defenses
    In Webb v. Special Electric Co., Inc, et al. (Cal. Sup. Ct., Santa Clarita Cty., Case No. BC436063; Appeals No. S209927), the California Supreme Court officially adopted the "sophisticated intermediary doctrine" as an available affirmative defense in ...
    Posted By Los Angeles Attorney
  • The Component Parts Doctrine as Molded by the California Supreme Court
    The component parts doctrine still remains a valid defense in California. In Ramos v. Brenntag Specialities, Inc. (June 23, 2016, S218176) __ Cal.4th __( Ramos) , the California Supreme Court held that the doctrine applies in cases involving injuries ...
    Posted By Los Angeles Attorney