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  • Transporting in California - An Employment Overview: Part 2
    In our previous article, we discussed California's overtime compensation and meal and rest period obligations in relation to truck drivers engaging in interstate and intrastate commerce. In this article, we discuss independent contractors and the risks ...
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  • Expanding Liability To Take-Home Asbestos
    The California Supreme Court has changed the legal landscape for California businesses with its recent decisions in Haver vs. BNSF Railway Co. , No. S219919 (Calif. Sup. Ct.) and Kesner v. S.C. (Pneumo Abex LLC) , No. S219534. The Supreme Court recently ...
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  • Court Further Explains Exceptions to Privette Doctrine in Context of Construction Accident
    When affirming the trial court's granting of summary judgment in favor of a general contractor under the Privette doctrine, the California Second Appellate District further upheld the general rule in California that an injured employee of an independent ...
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