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  • Where is the Exit?
    Several years ago, Edward Entrepreneur started his business, Eddie's Exotics. Edward's motivation for starting the business was to do something he enjoyed and make a little money for him doing it. As the years went by, the business prospered and ...
    Posted By Valencia Attorney
  • Who's the Boss?
    The issue of whether a corporation is an employer of an employee alleging labor code violations is more complicated than it would seem. As more and more companies franchise their businesses, the question of whether the franchisee, the franchisor or both ...
    Posted By Valencia attorney
  • New Appellate Decision May Weaken the Application of the Component Parts Doctrine
    There are now conflicting appellate court opinions as to whether or not, under the component parts doctrine, a defendant who merely supplies raw materials for use in its customer's manufacturing processes may be sued by the customer's employee for injuries ...
    Posted By Los Angeles Litigation Attorney
  • Apple Still Under Fire for Using Benzene and n-Hexane in iPhones
    Two activist groups are seeking to pressure Apple into discontinuing the use of chemicals, including benzene and n -hexane, during the manufacturing process of the iPhone, Apple's top-selling item. China Labor Watch and Green America contend Apple's ...
    Posted By Los Angeles Litigation Attorney
  • The Top Verdicts of 2013 You Should Have Heard About But Didn't
    With the avalanche of news in our modern lives, even non-lawyers are overwhelmed with information about big trial verdicts. If you are a Dodgers fan, you likely heard about the contentious divorce of former owner, Frank McCourt who settled with his now ...
    Posted By John Shaffery