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  • International Scrutiny of Monsanto's Herbicide Roundup Intensifies as More Lawsuits are Filed
    On March 8, 2016, in the wake of mounting litigation over the health effect of exposure to Monsanto Co.’s best-selling herbicide product, Roundup, the European Union postponed a scheduled vote to approve the sale of the chemical, glyphosate, within Europe. ...
    Posted By Los Angeles Attorney
  • Every Bit Counts in Asbestos Litigation: Surprising Ruling on Exposure Theory Might be Boon for Plaintiffs
    In Davis v. Honeywell International Inc. , plaintiff brought a wrongful death suit against a manufacturer of asbestos-containing brake lining after her father passed away from mesothelioma. In the recent appellate decision, the Court held that the trial ...
    Posted By Los Angeles Attorney