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  • CYBER SECURITY: When the Cover Up Is Worse Than the Crime: Uber & the Consequences of Hiding a Data Breach
    On November 21, 2017, Uber Technologies, Inc., the embattled San Francisco ride-hailing company, disclosed that two hackers had stolen data concerning 57 million driver and rider accounts, including phone numbers, email addresses and names of Uber riders ...
    Posted By Michael S. Little
  • EMPLOYMENT LAW: Looking Ahead to 2018 - New Laws Affecting California Employers
    ‘Tis the season . . .for human resources professionals to fret and business owners to lose sleep over the bevy of new laws ready to take effect. The California Legislature has once again set the bar very high for businesses to meet the latest compliance ...
    Posted By Brian E. Koegle
    A torrent of lawsuits is currently underway, seeking huge damages from Monsanto entirely based on IARC’s “probable” links between Roundup and non-Hodgkins lymphoma (NHL) and associated forms of leukemia. This proclamation, although clearly based on tenuous ...
    Posted By Poole & Shaffery, LLP
  • In Good Faith: The Expanding Bounds of the "Reasonable" Settlement Offer
    Two seminal cases from 2013 tested the bounds of a “good faith” settlement offer and resulted in decided victories for plaintiffs in civil actions. An offer to compromise pursuant to Code of Civil procedure section 998 (“998”) is a statutory cost shifting ...
    Posted By Silviana Dumitrescu
  • BUSINESS LEASING: Let the Tenants Beware: Is Your Lease Really Standard?
    Imagine you are a business owner that leases space in a shopping center for five years. You invest money to construct the premises to suit your needs by taking out a loan. Your business is small but successful, and generates enough revenue to give you a ...
    Posted By M. Lisa Odom
  • Poole Shaffery congratulates John H. Shaffery on being included in the SFVBJ's Valley 200 List
    Poole Shaffery congratulates managing partner, John H. Shaffery, on his selection to the prestigious San Fernando Business Journal 2017 Valley 200 List. The Valley 200 List recognizes individuals who have made an impact on the San Fernando Valley business ...
    Posted By Poole & Shaffery, LLP