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  • New Notary Language Requirements for Public Documents
    As of January 1, 2015, in California, the notary certificate wording for acknowledgments, jurats and proofs of execution changed pursuant to Civil Code Sections 1189 and 1195 and Government Code Section 8202. Those sections require that the notary ...
    Posted By Admin
  • Contract Price Dispute? Public Entity May Not Hold Retention Payment Due Hostage
    Public Contract Code section 7107 (section 7107) sits at the center of controversy between two appellate courts. In East West Bank v. Rio School District, 2d Civil No. B238618 (Ct. of App., 2nd. App. Dist., Div. 6, 4/1/15) (“East West Bank”), the Court ...
    Posted By Walnut Creek Attorney
  • Fracking, Water Contamination, and Benzene Regulation
    Hydraulic fracturing ("fracking") has long been a controversial method of extracting natural gas and oil in the United States. Fracking utilizes fluid mixtures to drill into shale rocks at a high pressure to crack open the underground rock in an effort to ...
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  • California Appellate Court Vacates Summary Judgment of Manufacturer of Machine used to Abrade Brakes
    On June 22, 2015, the California Courts of Appeal, Second Appellate District, Division Four, vacated summary judgment in an asbestos litigation that was granted for a manufacturer of brake grinding equipment that was allegedly used in conjunction with ...
    Posted By Los Angeles Attorney