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  • BUSINESS LAW: Understanding the Difference between "Non-Owned" and "Regular Use" Provisions in Auto Policies
    We are frequently asked by our business clients to advise as to insurance coverage issues that arise when employees use company vehicles for both business and personal purposes. Recently, the California Court of Appeal drew a line in the sand on this issue ...
    Posted By Michael S. Little
  • LITIGATION: Forum Shopping Thinned by Recent U.S. Supreme Court Ruling
    In a blow to the plaintiffs’ bar, the U.S. Supreme Court recently issued an opinion that could curtail the ability of plaintiffs to forum shop their claims. The 8-1 decision in Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. v. Superior Court of California, San Francisco County, ...
    Posted By Jaion Chung
  • BUSINESS LAW: Avoiding Personal Liability for Business Debts
    One compelling reason that influences business owners to either incorporate or form a limited liability company under which to conduct their business operations is the desire to limit personal liability for the debts and other obligations of their ...
    Posted By Claudia J. McDowell