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  • Estate Planning: What Happens to Your Cryptocurrency When You Die?
    By now you have heard plenty of stories about individuals striking it rich with investments in crypto currency. With Bitcoin, the most popular crypto currency, currently valued at approximately $6,000.00 per Bitcoin, it seems that many millions of people ...
    Posted By Jason R. Beaman
  • Estate Planning: Properly Planning for Your Retirement Assets
    According to recent data, approximately 34% of household financial assets are held in retirement accounts (approximately $28.0 trillion nationwide). The reason for this is largely tax driven as retirement accounts are (1) often funded on pre-tax dollars , ...
    Posted By M. Lisa Odom
  • Navigating the Unfunded Trust Trap
    By now we all know that in California, proper estate planning is essential to ensure that your property passes to your heirs as painlessly and effortlessly as possible. The majority of estate planning today involves establishing a revocable trust and ...
    Posted By Santa Clarita
  • Have You Funded Your Revocable Trust?
    Estate planning typically involves the creation of a revocable trust into which the grantor or trustor transfers his or her real and personal property. The revocable trust then provides for the administration and management of the transferred property and, ...
    Posted By Los Angeles Attorney