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  • Government Affairs and Legislative Advocacy Can Help Your Business and Development (Even if it is Called Lobbying!)
    "Lobbyists" and "lobbying" have become pejorative terms in regarding their influence on government decision making. Critics want ever increasing restrictions, or even bans, on who can lobby and what they can be paid. Many pundits decry the influence of ...
    Posted By Valencia attorney
  • 2015 Business Law Statutes: Ex-Officio Directors, Notaries and More
    With the start of each New Year come the effective dates of numerous statutes crafted by the California Legislature and approved by the Governor. 2015 proved to be no different, bringing into effect new business law statutes regarding ex officio directors ...
    Posted By Valencia attorney
  • Metzger Diacetyl Defense Verdict Overturned on Appeal
    The Metzger Law Group recently found favor with the California Court of Appeals when the Court reversed a defense verdict in a diacetyl case, Velasquez v. Centrome, Inc. (Court of Appeal of California, Second Appellate District, Division Eight; January 30, ...
    Posted By Admin
  • Clarifying the Duty Owed to Family Members in Take-Home Asbestos Cases
    A recent Court of Appeal decisions has provided further clarity to a series of decisions regarding the duty of asbestos defendants towards family members injured due to result of "take-home" asbestos exposures. In Beckering v. Shell Oil Co ., Not B256407 ...
    Posted By Los Angeles Attorney