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    Members of a limited liability company ("LLC") are generally not liable for the debts, obligations or other liabilities of the LLC. Section 17703.04 of the California Corporations Code identifies the specific instances in which members may be held liable ...
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    It's time to add hand sanitizer and medical face masks to your company's office supply list. The cost of doing business in California just went up (yet again!) especially as it pertains to lost employee time due to illness. Over the Labor Day holiday ...
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  • Summary Judgment for the Bulk Supplier to a Sophisticated Buyer
    There continues to be a lively debate, among the trial and appellate courts of California, as to whether or not a defendant who merely supplies raw materials for use in its customer's manufacturing processes may be sued by the end user of the finished ...
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  • California Court to Decide Whether Coffee May Cause Cancer
    Raphael Metzger and Kenneth Holdren, of The Metzger Law Group, are currently engaged in a bench trial in a Proposition 65 action against several major coffee companies including Starbucks, Peet's Coffee & Tea, and Seattle Coffee Co. In Council for ...
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  • Diesel Exhaust Emissions: A New Liability
    In August 2014, Dorata Nigro won a landmark job-related death claim before the Workers Compensation Board regarding the death of her husband, Anthony Nigro. Mr. Nigro was a bus mechanic with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) in New York for ...
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