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  • BUSINESS LAW: Prevailing Parties and Attorney's Fees
    In civil litigation, each party to a lawsuit ordinarily pays its own attorney’s fees. However, the parties to a contract may include a provision to award attorney’s fees to the prevailing party in a contractual dispute. In a recent case, the court ...
    Posted By Chris S. Jacobsen
  • INSURANCE LAW: California Supreme Court to Review Key Issue of Insurance Policy Exhaustion & Elective Stacking
    Since its initial filing in August of 1990, the longstanding Montrose Chemical Corporation environmental coverage litigation has yielded several decisions that have shaped insurance coverage law in California. In September of 2017, the California Court of ...
    Posted By Michael S. Little
  • ASBESTOS LITIGATION: CA Appellate Court Deems Circumstantial Evidence Sufficient to Defeat Summary Judgment
    California’s First District Court of Appeal (“COA”) ended 2017 by making it harder for asbestos defendants to prevail in a motion for summary judgment. Last month, in Turley v. Familian Corp ., the Court ruled “a plaintiff has no obligation to prove ...
    Posted By Mario A. Gonzalez
  • TRANSPORTATION LAW: Utilities Commission Poised to Transfer Four Essential Functions to Other Agencies
    On July 1, 2018, four transportation-related functions currently within the purview of the California Public Utilities Commission (“CPUC”) will be transferred to other agencies or jurisdictions, pursuant to California Senate Bill 19, which was penned by ...
    Posted By Silviana Dumitrescu