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  • Kristina Turpin v. Brandon L. Fox, et al. (Tool of North America, Galpin Motors) (LASC: BC623120)
    On January 18, 2016, an auto collision occurred between Plaintiff, Kristina Turpin, and Defendant, Brandon Fox, who was driving a vehicle owned by Defendant Galpin Motors, Inc. dba Galpin Ford Studio Rentals and Tool of North America, LLC.

    Initially demanded $200,000.

    Settled for $57,500.00.

  • Liberty Insurance Co. v. Hugo Quevedo dba Quevedo Trucking (SBSC: CIVDS1621928)
    Plaintiff, Liberty Insurance Co. ("Plaintiff") brought the action seeking reiumbursement for benefits paid to and on behalf of James Terkelson ("Terkelson") pursuant to a workers' compensation claim. On June 22, 2015, Terkelson was injured when a truck owned and operated by Quevedo Trucking inadvertently pinned him to a defective dock plate while connecting the truck to the dock plate to unload cargo. On January 26, 2016, Terkelson settled with Quevedo Trucking for $300,000.00; Liberty was not included in the settlement agreement. Settled for $90,000.00
  • Case Dismissed
    Plaintiff contended that he developed Small Cell Lymphocytic Lymphoma and Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia as a result of occupational exposure to benzene while working at a silk screening facility between 1991 and 2000. Plaintiff dismissed P&S Client, a retailer of paint thinner, lacquer thinner and acetone, for waiver of costs.
  • Aurora Gomez v. Dion Tingley, et al. (Hoddger Tours dba Gold Coast) (LASC: BC582160)
    Plaintiff alleged that on 5/14/14, she was struck by a bus driven by Dion Tingley. Settled for $45,000.00.
  • Case Dismissed
    Plaintiff alleged that he contracted asbestos and pleural thickening/plaques due to occupational exposure to asbestos-containing products during his employment as an insulator from 1965 through the 1980s. Plaintiff dismissed P&S Client, a manufacturer of fibrous adhesive, for a mutual waiver of costs.
  • Successful Settlement
    Settlement and unwinding of ill-fated merger of logistics companies.
  • Case Dismissed
    Plaintiff alleged that he developed bronchiolitis obliterans, as a result of occupational exposure to toxic chemicals during his employment as a compounder and mixer between 1986 and 2012. Case dismissed against P&S client, a distributor of aroma chemicals after P&S successfully quashed service of summons.
  • Successful Representation
    Plaintiffs alleged that their decedent developed pancreatic cancer as a result of occupational exposure to benzene while working as a painter. P&S represented three different manufacturers of paint products allegedly used at decedent's place of employment. The trial court quashed service of two of the P&S Clients and sustained, without leave to amend, the demurrer by the third P&S Client.
  • Cuevas v. Lopez (Carmelo Lopez dba J&M Trucking) (LASC Case No. BC702578)
    Plaintiff Maria Cuevas, unlicensed and visually impaired. Plaintiff alleges she was blinded by the lights of a tractor in front of her and tried to change lanes to get around it. She didn't see the attached trailer and drove into it. Plaintiff's vehicle wedged under trailer. Plaintiff received epidurals, underwent neurological testing, and claimed mTBI. Resolved at mediation for $142, 500.00
  • Case Dismissed
    Plaintiff alleged that he developed Acute Myelogenous Leukemia as result of occupational exposures to benzene from various automotive products he used during his approximate 40-year employment in the automotive repair industry at various employers in California. Plaintiff dismissed P&S client, a manufacturer of automotive additives, for a waiver of costs.
  • Successful Defense
    Attained dismissal of federal action alleging alter ego liability and fraud against owner of international corporation that had defaulted on contractual obligation to vendor pursuant to motion arguing that all of defendant's alleged actions were strictly protected and could not form basis for complaint.
  • State Farm General Insurance Co. v. Philips Electronics North America Corp.
    Obtained dismissal for a waiver of costs on behalf of manufacturer of electrical power strip where plaintiff filed a subrogation claim to recover costs relating to a fire. (State Farm General Insurance Co. v. Philips Electronics North America Corp. (Case No. NC043779.)