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  • Case Dismissed
    Plaintiff alleged that she sustained pulmonary problems as a result of exposures to diacetyl and other compounds used in natural and artificial butter flavorings for popcorn. Plaintiff dismissed, without prejudice, two P&S clients because plaintiffs had an identical action pending in federal district court in Iowa, and were doing nothing more than forum shopping.
  • Successful Defense
    In Employment Development Department investigation into misclassification of independent contractors, successfully appealed a $268,000 assessment down to $4,500.
  • Case Dismissed
    Plaintiff contended that he developed kidney disease as a result of occupational exposure to toxic chemicals while working as a cabinet maker between 2002 and 2008. Plaintiff dismissed P&S Client, a major retailer of chemical solvents, for a waiver of costs.
  • Successful Representation
    Obtained a $50,000 settlement for a flooring contractor in an Alameda County Superior Court case that globally settled for $6M arising out of purported deck, roofing, flooring and structural defects at a large 220-unit multifamily four-structure apartment complex.
  • Liberty Insurance Co. v. Hugo Quevedo dba Quevedo Trucking (SBSC: CIVDS1621928)
    Plaintiff, Liberty Insurance Co. ("Plaintiff") brought the action seeking reiumbursement for benefits paid to and on behalf of James Terkelson ("Terkelson") pursuant to a workers' compensation claim. On June 22, 2015, Terkelson was injured when a truck owned and operated by Quevedo Trucking inadvertently pinned him to a defective dock plate while connecting the truck to the dock plate to unload cargo. On January 26, 2016, Terkelson settled with Quevedo Trucking for $300,000.00; Liberty was not included in the settlement agreement. Settled for $90,000.00
  • Successful Development
    Advised regarding development and leasing of office and industrial buildings.
  • Nonprofit Formation
    Formation of nonprofit corporations and prosecution of related applications for tax exempt status.
  • Case Dismissed
    Plaintiffs contend that decedent sustained multiple myeloma and leukemia as a result of occupational exposures to toxic chemicals when he worked as a machinist at various locations between 1979 and 2004. Plaintiffs dismissed two P&S client: a distributor of paint; and a manufacturer of lubricants for a waiver of costs.
  • Successful Defense

    Obtained defense jury verdict in Los Angeles Superior Court in case involving standards of care and operations and practices in sporting and athletic venues.

  • Successful Defense
    Negotiated early settlement on claim brought by Equal Employment Opportunity Commission for racial discrimination and wrongful termination with clear liability, avoiding excessive costs of defense.
  • Biscardi v. Mofrad, et al. (Diva Limousine) (LASC: BC584049)
    On June 15, 2015, Plaintiffs, Eugene Biscardi (“Plaintiff Biscardi”) and Dina R. Garfinkel (“Plaintiff Garfinkel”) (collectively “Plaintiffs”), filed a complaint against Defendant, Jovad Mofrad, alleging that Mr. Mofrad was at fault for the bodily injuries Plaintiffs sustained when the vehicle they were sitting in was struck by a vehicle driven by Mr. Mofrad in a parking lot of a shopping plaza located at the southwest corner of Sunset Boulevard and North Crescent Heights Boulevard in California on July 1, 2013.Settled for $56,000.00 (total)
  • Francovich v. Dhesi, et al. (Cool Refrigerated Transport Inc.) (Ventura: 56-2016-00487950-CU-PA-VTA)
    Plaintiff, Ashley Francovich, contends she sustained bodily injuries when the vehicle she was driving, a 2001 Ford Mustang, collided with a 2007 tractor driven by Defendant, Gurmit Singh Dhesi. At the time of the accident, Mr. Dhesi was acting within the course and scope of his employment as a driver with the insured/Defendant, Cool Refrigerated Transport Inc. (“CRT”). Plaintiff accepted Defendants' statutory offer for $625,001.00.