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  • BUSINESS LAW: THE Importance Of Spousal Consent In TRANSACTIONS
    Written spousal consents are fixture of most business transactions that involve married persons. These consents are everywhere, in asset purchase agreements, stock purchase agreements, leases, beneficiary designation forms, and real estate transactions. To ...
    Posted By Jason R. Beaman
  • The City of Santa Clarita is Launching a Business Incubator Program
    Commencing in January, 2017, the City of Santa Clarita is launching a business incubator program to provide creative and technology businesses access to low cost-office spaces, meeting rooms, customized trainings, a mentorship and networking program and ...
    Posted By Poole & Shaffery, LLP
    Editor’s Note: this article is the fourth installment in our series of Sidebar articles focused on trademarks and brand protection. In our Trademarks Part I article, Mr. John Shaffery addressed the important steps in choosing a trademark as well as the ...
    Posted By Andrew M. Sevanian
  • TOXIC TORT: Paint Makers Make Their Case to Reverse $1.15 Billion Verdict
    On August 24, 2017, the Sixth District Appellate Court heard oral arguments on an appeal from three major paint companies seeking to overturn a $1.15 billion judgment. The judgment was handed down in 2013, at the end of a six-week trial presided over by ...
    Posted By Jason A. Benkner
  • Not Up for Dispute: Videotape Evidence at Summary Judgment
    A decade after the United States Supreme Court’s holding in Scott v. Harris (2007) 550 U.S. 372 (“ Scott” ), a California District Court follows suit, finding that a party cannot create a genuine issue of material fact at summary judgment by submitting ...
    Posted By Silviana Dumitrescu