Poole Shaffery Welcomes McDowell Odom LLP


Poole Shaffery is renowned around the greater Santa Clarita County and throughout California for bringing together an entire team of established and experienced attorneys to handle a wide variety of legal cases, lawsuits, and other matters that require complex litigation to solve. To continue the firm's growth and assist even more people than ever before, McDowell Odom LLP of Santa Clarita, California has recently merged into Poole Shaffery . The successful practice merger brings new partners to the firm: Attorney Claudia J. McDowell and Attorney M. Lisa Odom.

Meet Attorney Claudia J. McDowell

Attorney McDowell is well-versed in corporate, securities, and commercial law, which are three areas that are seldom understood or practiced by even the most accomplished business lawyers in the country. She has made a name for herself by assisting large corporations and businesses through mergers, company acquisitions, and other negotiations regarding corporate transactions and entities. Although Ms. McDowell is proud to be able to provide legal advocacy and counsel to local businesses in Santa Clarita and Santa Clarita, she is also passionate about extending her practice internationally. In the past, she has been the go-to securities and commercial law attorney for companies across borders, including Canada and China.

Meet Attorney M. Lisa Odom

As the daughter of Attorney Claudia J. McDowell, it is only natural for Attorney M. Lisa Odom to select a career in laws, legislation, and litigation as well. Ms. Odom considers the future wellbeing of her clients to be paramount and, thus, focuses much of her attention and career on estate planning, trust administration, and other matters that involve probate and probate litigation. Beyond handling intricate cases for individuals, families, and small businesses, she has been able to successfully handle business law disputes, purchase agreements, and other complex forms of commercial litigation for multimillion dollar companies. Truly an example of an apple that did not fall far from the tree, Ms. Odom is a welcome and valued addition to Poole Shaffery , as is her mother.

For more information about the McDowell Odom LLP merging into Poole Shaffery you can contact the firm. Inquiring parties should also dial 888.595.5963 for help from the firm's Santa Clarita and Santa Clarita attorneys for complex litigation cases.

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