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Attorney Poole is Featured in The Santa Clarita Valley Signal


Poole Shaffery is excited to announce that Attorney David S. Poole was prominently featured in an article that was published by The Santa Clarita Valley Signal. Entitled, "Properties Must Be Inspected for ADA Compliance," this article discusses a new California state law that was enacted last year. While property owners will continue to be held accountable for Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) violations, the law aims to reduce the number of extortion-related claims that are filed as a result of non-compliance. Now, property owners must disclose whether or not the property has been found to be in compliance with the ADA act and whether or not it has been inspected by a Certified Access Specialist when a commercial lease is executed.

According to Attorney David Poole, "It is going to give protection from some of those lawsuits that try to extort money from property owners and run up attorney fees." In turn, property owners will be required to comply with new regulations. Should they do so, however, they will have more time to fix certain issues and avoid penalties associated with ADA violations. The law aims to protect property owners without giving them the freedom to ignore ADA-related issues. Rather, they will be shielded from less scrupulous firms who attempt to manipulate large sums of money out of businesses in exchange for making a complaint go away. If a property owner takes timely action to correct an ADA violation, they will be rewarded with a penalty reduction of $3,000.

If you, as a property owner, have been threatened with a lawsuit for an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) violation, the legal team at Poole Shaffery encourages you to find out how Attorney David Poole can assist you in resolving the issue. Although our firm is available to manage a wide variety of legal matters in California, we specialize in business counseling and business litigation. For this reason, you can trust that your case will be in competent hands when you turn to Mr. Poole, or any of our other Santa Clarita business lawyers, for guidance. We maintain offices in five different locations throughout California, so there is no reason why you should wait any longer to give us a call. When you contact us at (888) 595-5963, we can answer any pressing questions that you may have.

Although we maintain five main office locations in Santa Clarita, Santa Clarita, Orange County, San Francisco and Walnut Creek, we are available to assist clients in all surrounding areas.

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