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  • Allstate Indemnity Company a/s/o Chris Swisher v. Roy Walters, et al. (LASC: 16K08264)

    On or about February 12, 2015, a collision between a motor vehicle and a parked motor vehicle occurred on the shoulder of a road near the I-10 and I-405 freeways in Los Angeles, CA. Plaintiff alleges that a vehicle driven by Defendant was parked on the shoulder of the road. Plaintiff further alleges that Defendant opened the door to the vehicle, causing Chris Swisher in his vehicle to make an impact with the door of the Defendant’s vehicle as he drove past.

    Settled for $3,390.15.

  • Reduced Monies Owed
    Plaintiff alleged that he sustained acute myelogenous leukemia as a result of occupational exposure to benzene-containing printing products during the course of his employment as a lithographic printer. Plaintiff settled with P&S Client, a manufacturer of chemical products used to clean rollers, for a de minimis amount.
  • Case Dismissed
    Plaintiff alleged that she sustained pulmonary problems as a result of exposures to diacetyl and other compounds used in natural and artificial butter flavorings for popcorn. Plaintiff dismissed, without prejudice, two P&S clients because plaintiffs had an identical action pending in federal district court in Iowa, and were doing nothing more than forum shopping.
  • Successful Defense
    Obtained defense judgment in Los Angeles Superior Court following trial involving alleged fraud, breach of fiduciary duty involving former business partners.
  • Confidential Resolution
    Plaintiff contended that he developed psychosis as a result of exposure to manganese while working as a jewelry maker from 2000 to 2008. P&S negotiated a confidential resolution on behalf of P&S client, a manufacturer of German milled tungsten vanadium steel rotary drilling/filing/designing tools.
  • Singh v. B&G Logistics, et al. (B&G Logistics) (LASC: BC665005)
    Plaintiff, a passenger in a car, alleged he was injured as a result of a 7/11/15 MVA. Settled for $12,500
  • Reduced Monies Owed
    Plaintiff, a nurse, alleged that she sustained thyroid cancer as a result of exposure to radiation from operating an x-ray machine. Plaintiff settled with P&S client, a manufacturer of the x-ray machine, for a de minimis amount.
  • Pierson v. Philips Medical Systems (July 19, 2011, B221488) [nonpub. opn.]
    Affirmed summary judgment in favor of P&S client in a product liability/medical device matter after P&S demonstrated a lack of evidence supporting Plaintiff’s claims.
  • Martha Stefanuto v. Antonio Ordaz, et al. (G.I. Trucking Company and Antonio Ordaz) (LASC Case No. BC665073)
    Plaintiff Martha Stefanuto sustained bodily injuries and property damage.Plaintiff further alleges that Ordaz made an unsafe lane change and collided with her vehicle. Ordaz claims that he was driving in the number 2 lane and wanted to get into the number 3 lane, but when he started to make the lane change, a vehicle in the number 3 lane sped up to try to squeeze by Ordaz, and instead hit his tire, causing the vehicle to spin out and hit the side of a building.

    Initial demand: $260,900.00

    Settled for $100,000.00

  • Dropped Damage Owed
    Negotiated a $5,000 settlement for a manufacturer of an exterior weather vapor barrier coating facing a $20M lawsuit in San Diego County Superior Court arising from alleged defective construction components that caused water intrusion damage at a 267,000 sq. ft. regional call center.
  • Case Dismissed
    Plaintiffs claimed that their decedent contracted mesothelioma as a result of occupational to asbestos-containing products while employed in the HVAC industry between 1942 and 1985. Plaintiffs dismissed P&S Client, a manufacturer of commercial appliances, for a mutual waiver of costs.
  • Sayre v. Clear Channel Outdoor, Inc. (Feb. 13, 2013, B241601 [nonpub. opn.]
    Affirmed judgment in favor of P&S client in a commercial litigation case after P&S challenged the complaint and argued that Plaintiffs’ claims were barred by the statute of limitations.