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Fannin v. Camden Blaze, LLC., et al (Los Angeles Super Ct. No. BC711616): On November 20, 2020 Judge Margaret L. Oldendorf entered a verdict in favor of plaintiff Nancy Fannin for $2.6 million and against defendant Samantha George, employee of Camden Blaze, LLC. Plaintiff, a pedestrian, was struck by a rental vehicle being operated by Samantha George while operating under the course and scope of her employment by Camden Blaze, LLC. Plaintiff alleged that she sustained injuries including a grade IIIA open fracture and dislocated left ankle, a fractured tibula and fibula and a fracture of her left shoulder as a result of the defendant’s negligent operation of the vehicle. Defendant argued she did not operate the vehicle negligently, and that plaintiff suddenly stepped in front of the moving vehicle, causing the accident. Plaintiff was represented by Panish, Shea & Boyle LLP.