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  • Successful Defense
    Trial counsel for large municipality in federal court action brought by the USEPA and Sierra Club for penalties for violations of Clean Water Act and injunctive relief relating to the $3.5 billion upgrade of that city’s sewage system
  • Case Dismissed
    Plaintiff alleged that he developed mesothelioma as a result of occupational exposure to asbestos-containing products while working as an electrician at the Long Beach Naval Shipyard between 1969 and 1996. Plaintiffs dismissed P&S Client, a manufacturer of valves, for a mutual waiver of costs.
  • Confidential Resolution
    Plaintiffs contended that decedent developed myelodysplastic syndrome as a result of occupational exposures to benzene when he worked as gardener between 1989 and 2011. P&S negotiated a confidential resolution on behalf of P&S client, a manufacturer of paint remover.
  • Reduced Monies Owed
    Plaintiff alleged that he sustained acute myelogenous leukemia (acute promyelocytic leukemia) as a result of occupational exposure to benzene at various oil rigs and platforms. Plaintiffs settled with P&S Client, a manufacturer of lubricants for a de minimis amount.
  • Lievano v. Santana, et al. (Adebayo Fateye) (SBSC: CIVDS1502880)

    Plaintiffs (Lievano and Santana) allege they sustained personal injury as a result of a multiple MVA on 3/4/14. Our client, Fateye, also sustained personal injury.

    Dismissal after filing MSJ.

  • Successful Representation
    Represented subcontractor in state court action in San Francisco recovering additional sums from general contractor for unpaid change orders.
  • Case Dismissed
    Plaintiffs allege that their decedent died from complications arising from mesothelioma, as a result of alleged exposure to asbestos containing products during his career. Plaintiffs dismissed P&S Client, a distributor of thermal products, for a waiver of costs.
  • Guadalupe Hernandez v. Israel Valladares, et al. (Tacoma Express, Inc.) (LASC: 16K02960)

    Israel Valladares, the driver for the insured, Tacoma Express, Inc., was involved in the collision with Plaintiff while traveling eastbound on I- 105. Mr. Valladares contends that Plaintiff swerved into his lane causing the collision and Plaintiff contends that it was Mr. Valladares who merged into her lane causing the collision.

    PL served 998 demand for $25,000.00.

    Settled for $15,000.00.

  • Obtained a Defense Verdict at Trial

    Plaintiff alleged he sustained injury when he rear-ended driven by an employee of P&S client during the course and scope of his employment. Plaintiff alleged that the employee made an unreasonable lane change right before an intersection that caused plaintiff to strike the employee’s vehicle. Plaintiff sought to recover at least $330,048 in damages.

    Physical injuries included neck, back, and shoulders. Underwent back surgery.

    P&S obtained a defense verdict at trial.

  • Case Dismissed
    Plaintiff alleged that he developed bronchiolitis obliterans, as a result of occupational exposure to toxic chemicals during his employment as a compounder and mixer between 1986 and 2012. Case dismissed against P&S client, a distributor of aroma chemicals after P&S successfully quashed service of summons.
  • Successful Defense
    Defended general contractor in state court in San Francisco in action concerning alleged defects in public housing project.
  • Amedlia Hernandez v. Laszlo Enterprises, et al. (Laszlo Enterprises) (LASC: BC616207)

    Plaintiff, Amelia Hernandez (“Plaintiff”), alleges that on July 29, 2015, she sustained injuries to her body after falling while exiting a bus owned and operated by Laszlo Enterprises Inc., dba Patty Wagon Charter. Plaintiff alleges that Defendant, Laszlo Enterprises Inc. dba Patty Wagon Charter (“Defendant”) and driven by the Doe Bus Driver caused Plaintiff to fall while she exited The Patty Wagon charter bus.

    Settled for $10,000.00.