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Issue 64 | December 2021

United States Solicitor General’s Office to Weigh in on California Trucking Association’s Challenge to California’s AB 5 Law

In a case that we have been following closely, November held another twist in the storyline of the California Trucking Association’s (“CTA”) challenge to California’s AB 5 law as applied to motor carriers

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By:  Kathleen “Katie” Simers

The Empty Chair Defense – Non-Economic Damage Cases

The strategy of so-called “empty chair defense” is self-explanatory – a defendant blames the so-called “empty chair” in the courtroom by arguing it was the third party who caused the plaintiff’s damages rather than the defendant sitting in the courtroom. Upon the passage of Proposition 51 in 1986, the empty chair defense gained teeth in lawsuits regarding primarily non-economic damages.

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By:  Justin R. Wilmers

Featured Verdict: Auto V. Pedestrian

On October 22, 2020 the city of Sacramento agreed to the terms of an $11 million settlement with the family of decedent QuiChang Zhu, a 72 year old pedestrian who was killed after being struck by a vehicle driven by defendant Gurdeep Sidhu.

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