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Issue 59 | July 2021

Truckers Appeal California AB 5 Independent Contractor Limitations to the Supreme Court

Motor carriers in California commonly use independent contractors who own and operate their own rigs to haul freight. Under AB5, motor carriers would have to re-evaluate under a three-part test whether to consider these workers employees or independent contractors.

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By:  Jaion Chung

DRIVE-Safe Act: A Solution to the Driver Shortage or Unnecessary and Dangerous?

As the global pandemic wanes, an unforeseen problem for industry is arising, namely, a global labor shortage. Unsurprisingly, the trucking industry is not immune to this unprecedented labor shortage.

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By:  Justin R. Wilmers

Featured Settlement : Auto v. Motorcycle

On May 11, 2021, defendant California Republican Party agreed to the terms of an $11 million settlement with plaintiff Richard Ruehle, who while riding a motorcycle, was struck by a vehicle driven by paid political campaign canvasser, Joseph Chavez. Plaintiff suffered catastrophic injuries rendering him a quadriplegic because of the accident.

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