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Logo Icon 100th Issue of the Toxic Defender

The September 2016 edition of the Toxic Defender marks its 100th and "final" edition. Once per month since 2008, Poole Shaffery has published the Toxic Defender in order to apprise clients, businesses, and attorneys off developments in toxic tort litigation, as well as to contribute to the greater narrative on litigation trends faced by defendants. Now, after more than eight years, Poole Shaffery will rename the Toxic Defender to the California Tort Defender to reflect the expanding practice areas of Poole Shaffery 's litigation group.

When Poole Shaffery first began publishing the Toxic Defender in 2008, it was narrowly focused on toxic tort litigation and, as such, reflected a major focus of Poole Shaffery 's litigation group. However, over the past eight years Poole Shaffery has broadened the focus of its litigation group to include a variety of product liability, trucking, transportation, and general liability matters. While the California Tort Defender will still report on trends and developments in toxic tort litigation, it will also report on transportation, trucking, general liability matters and issues generally affecting defendants.

We at Poole Shaffery look forward to continuing the legacy of the Toxic Defender by using the California Tort Defender to apprise its subscribers of developments and trends affecting defendants in California tort and toxic tort litigation.