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FEATURED SETTLEMENT: City of San Francisco Agrees to Terms of $2 Million Settlement to Resolve Fatal Automotive Accident Involving City Employee

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Huan Zheng Fang, et al. v. City of San Francisco, et al. (San Francisco Super Ct. No. CGC-20-584474): On December 17, 2021 the City of County of San Francisco agreed to the terms of a $2 million settlement to resolve an action where a pedestrian was struck and killed by a vehicle driven by Pubic Works employee Ahjae Holdman. Plaintiffs alleged that Holdman negligently caused the death of Rui Xia Zhen, a healthcare worker, when his vehicle struck Zhen as she was walking across an intersection. Plaintiffs further alleged that the City and County of San Francisco were vicariously liable for the negligence of Holdman, as he was acting within the course and scope of his employment duties as an employee of the City and County of San Francisco. Prior to settling, the defendants denied all wrongdoing, and argued that the suit was barred by governmental immunity.