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Featured Verdict: Auto V. Pedestrian

Kuang, et al. v. City of Sacramento, etl al. (Sacramento Super Ct. No. 34-2018-00236279-CUU-PA-GDS): On October 22, 2020 the city of Sacramento agreed to the terms of an $11 million settlement with the family of decedent QuiChang Zhu, a 72 year old pedestrian who was killed after being struck by a vehicle driven by defendant Gurdeep Sidhu. Jian Hao Kuang, 7-year-old grandson of Quichang Zui, was also struck by the defendant’s vehicle, resulting in permanent brain injury. Plaintiffs alleged that the City of Sacramento removed most of the crosswalk paint in the intersection where the accident occurred, which created a situation where pedestrians could see some of the paint but approaching motorists could not. Plaintiffs also alleged that the City of Sacramento removed pedestrian warning signs that would alert motorists to the presence of pedestrians. The driver of the vehicle separately paid $100,000 to the family. Plaintiffs were represented by Walkup, Melodia, Kelly & Schoenberger.