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Featured Settlement: Oliveros, et al. v. City of Fullerton, et al.

Oliveros, et al. v. City of Fullerton, et al. (Orange County Super Ct. No. 30-2018-00981683-CU-PO-CJC): On December 4, 2020, defendant City of Fullerton agreed to the terms of a $13.5 million settlement stemming from a fatal auto accident, where two passengers were killed. Plaintiffs alleged that the intersection where the accident occurred was in dangerous condition, because it did not have four-way stop signs. Plaintiffs produced evidence of prior complaints made to the City of Fullerton regarding the intersection and accidents. Defendant contended that Plaintiff Francisco Olivero was responsible for the accident due to his failure to yield at the intersection, in violation of Vehicle Code Section 21802. Plaintiff was represented by The Homampour Law Firm PC.