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Featured Settlement: Parties Agree to $2 Million Settlement to Resolve Auto Accident Claim Resulting in Severe Back Injury to Driver

Auto v. Auto

Maria Yaneli Roman v. Bianca Espericueta-Villarreal, et al. (San Bernadino Super Ct. No. CIVDS1824774): On June 17, 2022 Allstate agreed to the terms of a $2 million settlement to resolve a case where plaintiff suffered severe back injuries after an automotive collision with defendant Bianca Espericueta. Plaintiff, a stay-at-home mother, suffered injuries to her neck and back which ultimately required extensive treatment including a hemi-laminotomy and disc decompression, with future care to include disc fusion and potential disc replacement. Plaintiff was driving her vehicle down a road in San Bernadino when defendant turned left in front of her, causing plaintiff to collide with defendant’s vehicle. Defendants admitted fault during litigation but claimed that plaintiff’s injuries were not as extensive as she was alleging, and that surgery was unnecessary. Plaintiff was represented by Jacoby & Meyers Attorney LLP.