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Sidebar Issue 91 | June 2018

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By: Brian E. Koegle
Employment Law: Significant Changes to Independent Contractor Classification in California

One of the most common questions that California employment attorneys are asked is whether a worker should or can be considered an independent contractor, rather than an employee. Until very recently, the analysis was quite subjective, even arbitrary, some may say, and was fraught with peril; reason being, a misstep in this arena carries significant financial implications for employers.

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By: Hunt C. Braly
Landlord-Tenant Law: What is the Costa-Hawkins Act and Will Rent Control Become a Local Land Issue Again?

There has been increasing attention in the past several years regarding the high cost of doing business in California and the cost of living here. Increasingly the focus has been turning to the cost of housing.

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Featured Employment Litigation Verdict: Employer Settles Labor Code Violation Case for $4.55M

Case No. 5:17-cv-00390 – Sergio Galicia Gonzalez et al v. BMC West, LLC et al

Plaintiffs alleged that their employer, the Defendant, violated California’s wage and hour laws by, among other things, failing to pay all minimum, regular and overtime wages owed to Plaintiffs as well as failing to provide legally required meal breaks to Plaintiffs.

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Featured Business Litigation Verdict: Blue Shield of California Settles Affordable Care Act Class Action Lawsuit for $18.5M

Case No. CJC-14-004800 – Ernesto Jimenez et al v. BMC West, LLC et al

Plaintiffs filed a Class Action lawsuit against Defendant, Blue Shield of California (“Blue Shield”), in which Plaintiffs alleged that Blue Shield engaged in unfair business practices under California law, including violations of the Consumer Legal Remedies Act (California Civil Code Section 1750 et seq.) and Unfair Competition Law (California Business and Professions Code Section 17200 et seq.).

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Poole & Shaffery Honored by City of Santa Clarita for Work with Local Business Incubator

The City of Santa Clarita recently honored Poole & Shaffery, LLP for the firm’s ongoing support of the Santa Clarita Business Incubator.

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