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Sidebar Issue 80 | July 2017

Poole & Shaffery, LLP is a full service business law firm with 20 plus attorneys located throughout the State of California who focus on a variety of different areas of litigation, counseling and business related transactional services, including: employment law counseling; defense of employment related lawsuits; all manners of business litigation and mediation; business contracts and transactions including business formation, franchise operations, business sale, mergers and acquisition; non-profit and tax-exempt organizations; estate planning, probate and trust administration; securities registration and compliance; construction law, land use and development; government affairs (registered lobbyist in Sacramento, CA; County of Santa Clarita and City of Santa Clarita, CA); real estate transactions and litigation; intellectual property matters including trade secrets, copyrights, trademark, cyber security and data breach; insurance law and extra contractual litigation; product liability; premises liability; and trucking and transportation claims.

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By: Claudia J. McDowell
BUSINESS LAW: Avoiding Personal Liability for Business Debts

One compelling reason that influences business owners to either incorporate or form a limited liability company under which to conduct their business operations is the desire to limit personal liability for the debts and other obligations of their business. Typically, a shareholder is not liable for the debts of the business.

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By: Michael S. Little
BUSINESS LAW: Understanding the Difference between “Non-Owned” and “Regular Use” Provisions in Auto Policies

We are frequently asked by our business clients to advise as to insurance coverage issues that arise when employees use company vehicles for both business and personal purposes. Recently, the California Court of Appeal drew a line in the sand on this issue by holding that the typical “non-owned” provisions in personal automobile policies do not afford coverage to employees for injuries they may cause while operating a company owned vehicle for their “regular use.”

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By: None
FEATURED SETTLEMENT: Quizno’s Settles Premises Liability Claim Relating to Wind Driven Umbrella

Knarik Nazaryan v. The Quizno’s Operating Company LLC (BC577281), California Superior Court, Los Angeles: On February 28, 2014, Knarik Nazaryan was exiting a Quizno’s restaurant when she was injured by a large patio umbrella, apparently dislodged by a gust of wind.

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