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Sidebar Issue 105 | August 2019

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By:  Claudia J. McDowell

Estate Planning: Control What Happens With Your Digital Assets After Death

In this digital age, most people have some type of digital assets. These range from having social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter account, iTunes account), to financial accounts (cryptocurrency accounts, bank accounts), to email accounts, to document storage accounts (Dropbox, One Drive) and everything in-between.

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By:  Andrew M. Sevanian

Trademark Law: Possible Defenses to a Trademark Infringement Claim

Ms. Anita Brand opens a business selling sun hats under the trademark “MARQUIS MARK.” Things seem to be going well, as Ms. Brand starts to establish some serious goodwill with her customers over the period of a few years.

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Featured Verdict: Walmart Ordered To Pay $102 Million For Wage And Hour Violations Despite Paying Employees All Proper Overtime Wages Due

On May 31, 2019, a Federal Judge in the Northern District of California awarded a class of Plaintiff’s approximately $102 million in statutory damages under Labor Code §226(e) and PAGA penalties, and PAGA penalties for violation of Labor Code§226(a)(6).

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