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Issue 71 | April 2014
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The Top Verdicts of 2013 You Should Have Heard About But Didn’t

With the avalanche of news in our modern lives, even non-lawyers are overwhelmed with information about big trial verdicts. If you are a Dodgers fan, you likely heard about the contentious divorce of former owner, Frank McCourt who settled with his now ex-wife for a cool $130 million plus assets. And many watched the trial brought by singer Michael Jackson's family against his concert promoter AEG Live for wrongful death, which resulted in a defense verdict for AEG. However, there were some extraordinary trial verdicts that didn't attract the media's attention and yet will have a huge impact on future litigation. Here are just a sampling of the top verdicts in California from 2013 that you should have heard about but didn't.

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By: John H. Shaffery
Apple Still Under Fire for Using Benzene and n-Hexane in iPhones

Two activist groups are seeking to pressure Apple into discontinuing the use of chemicals, including benzene and n-hexane, during the manufacturing process of the iPhone, Apple's top-selling item.

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By: Jaion Chung
New Appellate Decision May Weaken the Application of the Component Parts Doctrine

There are now conflicting appellate court opinions as to whether or not, under the component parts doctrine, a defendant who merely supplies raw materials for use in its customer's manufacturing processes may be sued by the customer's employee for injuries allegedly sustained as a result of exposure to the raw materials during those manufacturing processes.

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By: John F. Grannis