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Logo Icon CONSTRUCTION LAW: CSLB Announces New Forms and Fees for Contractors

The California Contractors State License Board ("CSLB") has announced that it is issuing new, interactive forms to help simplify the application process to obtain a contractor license and to aid licensees who need to amend or update their licenses. CSLB considers the new forms a further step in the upgrade of CSLB's on-line services.

Applicants or licensees will now be able to use the "easy fill" option on the CSLB website. The new forms provide an alert if an error is made when entering information, such as when there are conflicts between information on the form or when necessary information is left blank. The new forms also provide reminders concerning additional forms which may need to be submitted. CSLB hopes that this new format will make completion of the forms faster and easier with less error.

While the forms can be completed on the CSLB website, the forms cannot be electronically submitted. Rather, the applicant or licensee must print out the form, sign it, and send it to the CSLB.

The new "easy fill" forms include the application for original contractor license, application for an additional license classification, application to replace the qualifying individual, certification of work experience, and application for home improvement salesperson registration.

The new forms also note the fee increases that take effect on July 1, 2017.

As of May 1, 2017, CSLB will only accept the forms with a revision date of October 2016 ("rev. 10/16" shown in the bottom left corner) or later, all of which are available on the CLSB website. Older forms sent to the CSLB after this date will be returned with any fees included with the form.

Accordingly, applicants for contractors licenses and current licensees who need to renew or amend their existing licenses need to pay careful attention that they are using the correct form and, after July 1, 2017, paying the correct fee to avoid having the form rejected and returned.