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Areas of Practices: Poole & Shaffery, LLP

Offering a Wide Range of Legal Services in Los Angeles, CA

At Poole & Shaffery, LLP, the legal team offers a wide range of practice areas. The professional services provided by the firm allow for many legal matters impacting businesses to be managed by one firm, and the firm acts can general counsel for many types of businesses and corporations throughout the Los Angeles area.

Arbitration and Mediation
Either arbitration or mediation can be a highly effective dispute resolution process. There are some legal matters that require that one of these ADR methods are undertaken prior to engaging in litigation. The skill with which your company is represented in arbitration or mediation can have a significant impact on the outcome.

If you are faced with overwhelming debt and need assistance filing for bankruptcy, allow our firm to help you pursue debt resolution. We assist individuals and businesses.

Business Counseling
There are various matters that require the involvement of a legal professional, whether issues regarding contract creation, protection of intellectual property, employment law or other vital issue. The firm offers business counsel in a range of legal matters including business succession planning, business formation, the drafting of business agreements, business licensure and matters related to distributorships & franchises.

Business Litigation
There are many types of legal situations that could demand litigation, whether as a plaintiff or defendant, including breach of contract, real property disputes, fraud & misrepresentation as well as cases involving accusations of unfair business practices. Any of these issues require the highest level of legal skill to resolve.

Business Transactions
Are you planning on buying or selling property, equipment, or an acquisition or merger? It is all in the details, the correct wording in any documents, and in the correct execution and filing of the documents. Protecting your company against future litigation begins with your contracts and other documents.

Commercial Litigation
Any commercial enterprise can have situations in which it is necessary to go to civil court for resolution, including commercial debt collection, shareholder disputes, breach of contract, class actions, breach of fiduciary duty, partnership disputes as well as cases related to interference with business relationships. Any of these matters, or others, should be carefully and professionally managed by a legal professional who has a track record of success.

Construction Law
Construction projects can often result in difficult legal issues. If you are dealing with a contested issue involving a construction project, get trustworthy guidance from our firm!

Employment Law
There are a range of matters in employment law that have the potential of leading to significant financial losses. It is important that a company's employment law matters are managed and updated consistently. Employment counseling can address issues such as employment contracts, contract review, contractor agreements, and non-competition agreements as well as any matters related to wage and hour legal requirements. Taking action can help you avoid future litigation.

Employment Counseling
The firm offers employment counseling to corporations, both large and closely held, in matters related to employment contracts, contractor agreements, non-competition agreements and other vital matters that are crucial to order to protect against future litigation or claims.

Employment Litigation
Is your company facing a legal threat, such as an injury claim, discrimination claim or other legal action filed by an employee? These matters require a high level of legal skill to resolve favorably. There are law firms that focus strictly on helping employees file discrimination claims, personal injury claims, wage and hour claims, as well as wrongful termination claims. Get a case review if your business is facing any lawsuit or claim brought by an employee.

Estate Planning
Our firm helps those who are looking to ensure that their business estate is protected even after they have passed away. Allow us to help you with the formulation of an estate plan.

General Counsel Services
Poole & Shaffery, LLP offers general counsel services to business owners and corporations throughout the Los Angeles area. There are distinct advantages to developing a relationship with a law firm that can address all types of issues, from contract drafting and review, through to defending the enterprise from lawsuits or other legal threats.

Intellectual Property
Creating protectable status for your intellectual property is paramount in ensuring that the business remains competitive in the marketplace. Whether your matter revolves around a breach of a confidentiality or non-compete, the establishment of legal status for processes or innovations, or products, the firm can address these issues professionally.

Intellectual Property Litigation
Litigation related to intellectual property is frequently highly complex, and could involve violations of non-compete agreements, partnership disputes, or involve employees that have been involved in industrial espionage, among other issues. You may be forced to defend against accusations related to false advertising, trademark violations, patent infringement or other matter.

Labor Law
Union management can be a crucial issue. Preventative counseling can assist in facilitation a peaceful workplace that is free from unrest, claims, and legal threats. The firm's goal is to minimize friction and the chance of any hostility between company management and labor.

Land Use and Government Affairs
Every aspect of your business is impacted in one way or another by Government, whether on the local or state level. Our experience has led to the successful approval of numerous development projects for our clients along with effectively defending clients who have been unfairly attacked or prosecuted by the Government regarding their use of their property or business.

The firm provides legal services to a range of companies, including the insurance industry, the business community as well as corporate leaders in a range of litigation, either as defendant or plaintiff. The services could include civil rights actions, class action representation, appellate law, ADA claims, aviation law claims, personal injury case defense, RICO matters, claims related to chemical exposure or mold, among others. Whether the issue will be addressed in state or federal court, the firm has the experience and credentials to represent you or your company with a high level of professional skill.

Non-Profit & Tax-Exempt Organizations
The firm offers legal services to non-profits and tax-exempt organizations of all types. The services provided include bylaw revisions, governance issues, commercial contract reviews, as well as director and officer liability, employee law matters such as hiring and termination, as well as charitable trust formation and maintenance.

Premises Liability
If your business is facing a high value premises liability claim, such as catastrophic injury, dismemberment or death, fires, workplace accidents, Cal/OSHA investigations, legal claims involving slip & fall accidents, premises defects, security failures and claims regarding acts of third parties, the firm is prepared to evaluate your case to determine the best course of action legally.

Probate & Trust Administration
If you need assistance with the administration of your loved one's estate or with a complex probate, look to Poole & Shaffery, LLP for the legal help you need. Call today for the guidance you require.

Product Liability
If your company is facing a product liability claim, we can provide you with the defense you need. Do not try to handle this on your own. We can help you protect your rights.

Toxic Tort
Our firm has a lengthy track record of having handled toxic tort injury cases. We have successfully defended various companies that are faced with a toxic tort lawsuit.

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