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Business Transactions in Santa Clarita

Trusted Legal Counsel from Santa Clarita Business Law Attorneys

From purchases, mergers, sales, and trades, a properly-handled business transaction can benefit your business, your finances, and your reputation. Even the initial formative stages of a business must be balanced carefully with the best interests of founders, investors, partners, and more. Whether or not a business transaction will be positive or negative for a company depends on how it is handled and who pays attention to its proceedings.

Companies with international influence and small, public operations have all come to trust the Santa Clarita business lawyers at Poole & Shaffery, LLP when it comes to business transactions. Founded in 1998, the firm has become a recognized name by business and corporation all across California and the country. Allow the firm's AV®-Rated attorneys take up your case and support your business interests by calling 888.595.5963 today.

Legal Support from Initial Decisions to Closing Deals

A successful business transaction is one that is carefully managed from start to finish by a team of professionals that are wholly familiar with business law. Any contracts that will determine how a business transaction is fulfilled must be written precisely, leaving no room for incorrect interpretations. Agreements between interested parties should be fully understood before any signings occur. All of these concerns and more can arise in just about any business transactions, so back your business with a legal team you can depend on.

The Santa Clarita business lawyers at Poole & Shaffery, LLC can handle business transactions dealing with:

  • Selecting a business entity during formation
  • Determining proper business model (LLC, non-profit corporation, and so on)
  • Buy-sell agreements and shareholder concerns
  • Management of secured or unsecured loans for business finances
  • Franchise and distributor agreements
  • Business contract draft and review
  • Protection or actual establishment of intellectual property
  • Implementing employment contracts

Take Action with Confidence and Poole & Shaffery, LLP

The Santa Clarita business law attorneys at Poole & Shaffery, LLP offer their services to any company, big or small, when it comes to business transactions. Allow them to oversee the transaction, weigh its risks against its rewards, and give you legal counsel pertaining to what should be your ultimate decision. If you have already begun a transaction that has become muddled with fine print and disputes, you can rely on Poole & Shaffery, LLP to step in, reorganize, and steer the proceedings away from the courtroom. If matters cannot be settled, they are also skilled litigators.

To get more information about the firm's business lawyers, contact them today.

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